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so, yesterday I get bombarded by really well dressed door to door salesmen, they walk in and I think that they may be corporate sent, until they start in on the pitch.... do you have a loved one who golfs? I of course say no... so then he goes a little harder on the sale and says.... what about your dad? and so I very cheerfully answer, sorry no, my dad is dead, and he didnt play golf in life, but thanks for asking. I have never seen salesmen run away so fast.

Then I get another one in today selling furniture off the back of his truck.... I smile and explain to him that I have a housefull of furniture and all my other girls in the shop live at home. well I didnt lie, but I guess he took it the wrong way cause he left.

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I took Emmy to the vet today because she was hyperventilating again, and when she wasnt doing that she was having a hard time breathing. so the doctor takes x-rays and she is doing horribly. her lung capacity was down to 15%, she had a massive tumor in her chest cavity and about a less than 10% chance of pulling through at best. I had to put her to sleep. I am heartbroken. she is my baby. j'taime Emmy Lou... I love you forever and a day.
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Today I got my car smogged...... and it passed. For some of you, you may know that a lot of turmoil has happened in my life this year on account of the absence of a little blue sticker that says my car is legal. Well, as the end of my permit that says my car can go vroom legally expires after tomorrow, I finally took care of something that is long overdue. The little girl needed a new muffler and mama got her one, and a shiny one too for a wopping 60.00 out the door. Then on to the smog only place(cause the state hates that my car is still going and will ream me any way they can) and she passed. Thank God, Goddesses, heaven, saints and all other heavenly beings who saw fit to give me a break for once. Tomorrow I get to wake up at the ungodly hour of 7-7:30 and drag my ass to DMV, where the most precious piece of 1"x2" blue plastic I have ever seen shall be waiting to come home with me
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so, I got into Vegas on Thursday, made friendly with the yard long drinks! yum! yesterday I wandered around, had some cider that a friend of mine made, it was yum! flirted with bois, talked via email to the ex boyfriend, got lectured by a former bad boy on being bad, kinda amusing, our relationship reversing like that. gots to go, people to see, beer to drink!
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Well, last night was fun, but over incredibly quickly for me. Michele rented a hotel room at the hilton, and I got there around 7 and started drinking red wine. I felt perfectly fine the whole time, at least until the cab ride. I started feeling nauseated, and knew it would be downhill from there. I went in the bathroom and got sick, had lots of water and got sick once again. Decided that I wanted to crawl in the bathtub and hide, so left everyone at Sabbat and rode back to the hotel and then passed out. The cane got used, by the way, thank you Christal and Paul. I got a heavenly footrub by honey when he got home, didnt get much sleep(hung over) but am now officially 30! yay!
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Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you!
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I will soon be sporting a new look, as is my thing for my 30th birthday. One is allowed to do one drastic thing, and I found a charity that will benefit from my rashness. SO... when you see me, you just may not recognize me.
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